PC & Laptop

What type of PC & Laptops do Mewamax Solutions Provide?

We provide all types of PC such as normal desktop pc, mini pc, laptops, convertible laptops, servers, rack servers and so on. We provide Free Delivery & Installation for our customers within Klang Valley. We offer both purchase and leasing scheme.

What are the differences between leasing and purchase?

Leasing Purchase
Business might be locked with inflexible or long-term agreement Don’t tie the business into any leasing agreement and able to use or alter the equipment as you wish
Always keep the computer equipment up-to-date Company might stuck with outdated computer equipment
Company might pay more in the long run Pay lesser in overall
It allows the company to use the assets without actually owning them Company having the full ownership of the assets
Pay nothing upfront and it is easier to plan the monthly expenses for the company Company have to pay the full costs up front, which causes cash flow pressures
It minimises the maintenance costs, as the lender is responsible for any maintenance and repair Company have to pay all the maintenance cost, which can be costly and impractical