Bitdefender GravityZone

is designed to protect organizations, from small to medium, covering any number of file servers, desktops, or laptops, physical or virtual machines. Business Security is based on a layered next-gen endpoint protection platform with the industry’s best prevention, detection and blocking capabilities, using proven machine learning techniques, behavioral analysis and continuous monitoring of running processes.

Key Features


  • Implement a powerful but simple solution and eliminate the need for dedicated servers, maintenance or more IT staff
  • Start faster with provided security policy templates
  • Centralized management, single pane of glass
  • Reduced costs and centralized security for any number of users
  • With centralized management, employees never have to update, monitor or troubleshoot security again, and can focus 100% on the business.
  • Simple remote deployment
  • Granular reports – Granular policy settings are available for advanced admins, but those without an IT background will also find the solution simple to manage
  • Updates are automatic and users can’t interfere with settings or deactivate protection, so your business is protected
  • Apply policies based on location or user and allow different levels of freedom; save time when creating new policies by using ones that are already created.