What is Firewall and how it works?

Firewall is a network security device to monitor and filter the incoming and ongoing traffic based on a set of security rules. It can be implemented in both hardware and software.

Why is it important for company to invest in firewall?

  • Protect company network
  • Detect and block malicious network
  • Access control on unapproved websites
  • Secure company database
  • Monitoring and alerting

What is the different between a hardware firewall and software firewall?

Hardware Firewall Software Firewall
It is a physical device installed between local network and internet. It is a program installed on individual computer.
It filters the data come in from internet through a safe data packet. It protects individual computer from outside attempts to gain access.

What is Fortinet?

Fortinet is the world leading network firewall brand that provide top security features that will keep your company data safe and secure. Fortinet also used by many government, military agencies and large corporate due to its good reputation of being one of the top network security firewall.

What are the features of Fortinet?

Fortinet Firewall consist various of network security features, such as network antivirus, web filtering, intrusion prevention, anti-spam, application control, VPN, load balancing, traffic shaping, monitoring log and so on.  To understand more on each of these features, kindly refer to our Fortinet Page here.

Why chooses Fortinet?

Fortinet is proven to be:

  • Powerful
  • Cost-effective
  • Best-in-class
  • Unequalled

What is FortiGuard Labs?

FortiGuard Labs is a Security Lab located in Fortinet HQ that constantly research and monitor on the latest security threat in the market and immediate update into the Fortinet system database to ensure it always have the latest protection against any new security threats.

How much does it costs to install the firewall?

The cost to install a Fortinet Firewall is depending on the company size and the company requirement. We offer purchase scheme / zero interest installment / rental scheme depending on your company preference.